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HTML links

HTML links

HTML links, also known as hyperlinks, are used to navigate between web pages or different parts of the same page. Links are created using the <a> tag, which stands for "anchor".

The <a> tag can have couple of attributer:

  • href attribute - it is an required attribute which specifies the URL or destination of the link.
  • target attribute - can also be used to specify where the linked page should open. By default, linked pages will open in the same browser window, but adding target="_blank" will open the link in a new tab or window.


1<a href="" target="_blank">Visit</a>



Inside our ordered list, in the first item, let's add a link the the first word inside our paragraph (Greece). The link should be opened in a new tab, here is the link:


Let's also link the first word in our paragraph inside the second item list (the word Italy) in a new tab with the following link:


Let's do the same for the last item list, inside the paragraph, the first word (Spain) should be a link that opens in a new tab with the followig url:


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