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HTML Text Basics

HTML headings

HTML headings are basically just headings for your content.

They're usually bold, they're usually larger, and, semantically, they mean they're a kind of heading for the following content.

There are six level headings, meaning there is an <h1> tag, there is an <h2> tag, and there is also an <h3>, an <h4>, an <h5>, and an <h6>.

Each of them has a distinct semantic meaning. Meaning that a level one heading is the most important heading. It is essentially something like the title of the page or the main title of the content.

Here is a heading example:

1<h1>Code Highlights</h1>



Inside the <body> tag, add an <h1> heading that says:

1Welcome to our travel guide

Below the main heading, add an <h2> heading that says:

1Top travel destinations

On the next line, add one more <h3> heading that says:

1Here is our top list:

And at the last, in the next line, add one more <h2> heading that says:

1Contact Us

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