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Getting Started with JavaScript


In a JavaScript program, when you add a new piece of information, the browser stores it according to its particular type, like a number or a string. These types have special characteristics that can be used with each piece of information of that type.

For instance, a string has a characteristic called "length," which tells you how many characters are in it. You can find out this length by putting a dot and the word "length" after the string.

Here's an example:

1console.log('Hello'.length); // This will show 5

Here, the dot is a special symbol used in JavaScript, known as the dot operator.

In the example given, the number 5 is the value of the "length" characteristic for the string 'Hello'. The code will display 5 on the screen because the word 'Hello' contains five characters.



Print the value of the length property of the string "Programming" to the console.

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