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typeof operator

The typeof operator is used to determine the type of a value or variable. It returns a string indicating the type of the operand.


The syntax of the typeof operator is as follows:

1typeof operand


The typeof operator can be used with different types of operands.

Here are some examples:

  1. Checking the type of a variable:
    1let username = "John";
    2console.log(typeof username); // Output: "string"
  2. Checking the type of a numeric value:
    1console.log(typeof 42); // Output: "number"
  3. Checking the type of a boolean expression:
    1let isActive = true;
    2console.log(typeof true); // Output: "boolean"
  4. Checking the type of an undefined value:
    1let age;
    2console.log(typeof age); // Output: "undefined"

The typeof operator is a useful tool in JavaScript for determining the type of a value or variable. It returns a string representing the data type of the operand.

Understanding the type of data can help in writing more robust and error-free code.



Declare a variable named result1 and assign it the result of applying the typeof operator to the variable num.


Print the value of the result1 variable to the console.

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