How to play a sound with JavaScript

November 12, 2023
How to play a sound with JavaScript
Table of Contents
  • Creating an Audio Element
  • Playing a Sound with JavaScript
  • Playing a Sound on Key Press
  • Conclusion

In JavaScript, playing a sound can be accomplished using the HTML5 <audio> element. This tutorial will guide you through the process of playing a sound in JavaScript and even playing a sound when a key is pressed.

Creating an Audio Element

First, we need to create an audio element. You can do this directly in your HTML or dynamically using JavaScript.

1<audio id="myAudio" src="sound.mp3"></audio>


1var audio = new Audio("sound.mp3");

Playing a Sound with JavaScript

Once you've created an audio element, you can use JavaScript to play the sound. Here's how:

1var audio = document.getElementById("myAudio");;

Or if you created the audio element with JavaScript:

1var audio = new Audio("sound.mp3");;

Playing a Sound on Key Press

To play a sound when a key is pressed, we can add an event listener for the keydown event.

1window.addEventListener("keydown", function (event) {
2 var audio = document.getElementById("myAudio");

This will play the sound every time a key is pressed. If you want to play a sound when a specific key is pressed, you can check the keyCode property of the event object.

1window.addEventListener("keydown", function (event) {
2 if (event.keyCode == 65) {
3 // 'A' key
4 var audio = document.getElementById("myAudio");
6 }

This code will play the sound when the 'A' key is pressed. You can replace 65 with the keyCode of any other key you want. Here's a useful list of keyCodes.

Learn more about handling events in JavaScript


Playing a sound in JavaScript is as simple as creating an audio element and calling the play() method. You can also easily play a sound when a key is pressed by adding an event listener for the keydown event.

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Remember to replace 'sound.mp3' with the actual path to the sound file you want to play. Also, ensure that your webpage has the necessary permissions to play audio.

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