Avoid Dull Webpages: Underline in JavaScript for Dynamic Design

February 11, 2024
Avoid Dull Webpages: Underline in JavaScript for Dynamic Design
Table of Contents
  • Underlining Words with JavaScript
  • Styling Text with CSS and JavaScript
  • The Underline Symbol in Web Development
  • Conclusion

When browsing the web, you've likely noticed that certain words or phrases in articles are underlined, drawing your attention and emphasizing their importance. It's a subtle yet powerful way to enhance your web designs and highlight key content. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to implement text underlining on your webpage using JavaScript, a versatile scripting language that can breathe life into static HTML elements.

1// Example: Underlining text with JavaScript
2document.getElementById("myText").style.textDecoration = "underline";

The above code snippet is a teaser of what we're about to dive into. By the end of this tutorial, you'll not only know how to underline text using JavaScript but also understand the nuances of dynamic styling for web development.

Underlining Words with JavaScript

Underlining text in JavaScript is straightforward. Let's start by answering a common question: How to underline a word in JavaScript? The process involves selecting the HTML element containing the text and then modifying its style properties.

1// Underline a single word in a paragraph
2function underlineWord() {
3 const paragraph = document.getElementById("exampleParagraph");
4 paragraph.innerHTML = paragraph.innerHTML.replace(/(word)/, '<span style="text-decoration: underline;">$1</span>');

In this function, we search for the word "word" in a paragraph and wrap it in a span tag with an underline style. This is a practical example of how you code an underline in JavaScript.

Styling Text with CSS and JavaScript

You might be wondering, how do you code an underline that's more than just a simple line? What if you want to make it dashed or wavy? This is where CSS comes into play. By combining CSS with JavaScript, you can create various underlining effects. Visit our Learn CSS Introduction course for more on CSS styling.

1// Apply different underline styles with CSS and JavaScript
2document.getElementById("fancyText").style.textDecoration = "underline wavy blue";

This snippet changes the underline style to a wavy blue line, showing how to underline text with a twist.

The Underline Symbol in Web Development

The underline symbol, often represented as a simple line beneath text, is a design element used for emphasis or to denote hyperlinks. In web development, underlining can be achieved through HTML with the <u> tag, though this is now considered outdated in favor of CSS solutions. For a deeper understanding of HTML, check out our HTML Fundamentals Course.


In conclusion, underlining text in JavaScript adds an extra layer of polish and focus to your webpages. Whether you're highlighting a single word or styling entire paragraphs, the techniques covered here will help you achieve that goal. Remember, practice makes perfect, so apply these methods in your projects and watch your web designs come to life!

For those interested in expanding their web development skills, our Introduction to Web Development course is a fantastic resource. And if you're keen on mastering JavaScript, our Learn JavaScript course will take your coding to the next level.

As you continue to explore the world of web design and development, keep refining your skills and stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. Happy coding!

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